Image by Sharon McCutcheon


Sleep Retreat Workshop

September 22 - 25, 2022

Come and join us at this three night, four day unique sleep retreat in Tulamene, beautiful British Columbia.

The ( retreat is surrounded by lush forest and mountains as you relax and unwind to improve your sleep. Sleep techniques will be shared to restore and improve your sleep patterns. A digital detox will take place for your stay here and delicious vegan food will be served. 


Counsellor and Hypnotherapist Sar Robson and Body Flow, therapist and teacher Shasta Angel, will guide you using:

  • deep relaxation techniques,

  • hypnotherapy,

  • forest walking meditation,

  • fire ceremony,

  • breath work for self awareness and

  • sleep tools to improve sleep hygiene 


There are a total of 8 spots available for this retreat.


Please contact for further information

Photography Workshop - $50.00 per person.

Working online in a small group, photography is used as a therapeutic tool to address loss and grief. This supportive environment, is an opportunity to use photographs to connect thoughts and feelings. The complete workshop is for four hours.


Please contact for further information


Walking Meditation - $20.00 per person.

Come and join a small group for an hour of walking meditation in one of the beautiful forests of Hope, British Columbia. This is an opportunity to reconnect with nature and have a unique experience to unwind and relax. The group meets once a week.


Please contact for further information