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The Full Story



As a holistic counsellor and hypnotherapist, we work together to co-create a customized treatment plan. The holistic approach includes your whole wellbeing, not just the issues you are wanting to address. Counselling and hypnotherapy is effective to resolve your life transitions, anxiety, depression, loss and grief. 

I also volunteer as a Board Member of the Fraser Canyon Hospice Society, and as a volunteer with the Children's Heart Network British Columbia Society.

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I am dedicated to helping you discover your inherently unique potential. When you can reflect, become aware, and identify the changes you need to make, you develop that potential. I kickstart and support that reflection through online counselling, hypnotherapy and forest counselling walks. 

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You are your own Creator

Hope Holistic Healing, provides support to improving your mental health, emotional wellbeing using proven methods that address the root problems, not just the symptoms, ensuring you achieve lasting change using counselling and hypnotherapy. 

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